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Video conferencing Call Helps Teams Work Better

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The way we work is changing. With offices around the globe, remote employees and work-from-home policies, it can be increasingly difficult to maintain solid collaboration. Misinterpretation or missed thoughts can cause confusion among teams. Thankfully with the advances made in conferencing, the benefits of video conferencing are helping resolve these issues. Video conference benefits are plentiful and can have a huge impact on how your organization communicates.

Some of the key video conference benefits include:

The ability to connect anywhere 
With the flexibility of a videoconference, attendees can easily join from almost anywhere. With company “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies trending upward, employees can use their smartphones, tablets or laptops to connect to meetings from home or on the go. Making it easier to connect with your team wherever they are improves the ability to work together and collaborate.

Making quicker decisions
The world is moving fast – and so is your competition. The ability to connect with your team in a matter of minutes can make a huge difference. Troubleshoot, brainstorm, and make decisions in a format that’s as effective as an in-person meeting. Whiteboard your thoughts or share content to bring the conversation to life. Some conferencing platforms even allow both sides to make changes live.

Saving on travel time and costs
Talk with team members around the globe all at the comfort of your desk. With the latest technologies in videoconferencing, virtual meetings can be just as effective as in-person and can save tons of travel expenses. Airfare, hotel, food and rental car expenses can far exceed the cost of a video conferencing system. Travelling can also cost you in productivity. Think about all of the time you waste in the air not able to communicate. For divided teams, especially those international, a video conference can significantly increases productivity and decrease wasted time. Time spent trying to get to a meeting can be used in better ways that benefit your company.

Keeping remote employees in sync
Keeping teams around the world in tune with each other is much easier with videoconferencing. Simple audio calls can be effective, but adding video, audio and content sharing together brings meetings to life for remote employees. Body language and facial expressions raise the level of collaboration and can result in improved engagement in meetings. Videoconferencing during group or all-company meetings also gives a “part of the team” feeling for remote employees.  Your home office employees will also feel more connected to remote employees and their established relationships can help when it comes to keeping everyone in the loop.   


Establishing and maintaining office culture
Culture is increasingly becoming a main factor in employee retention and acquisition. Creating and maintaining an office culture with remote employees can be difficult. Videoconferencing helps integrate those remote employees in the office environment so both they and in-office employees feel better connected. With videoconferencing, personalities shine through more and help reinforce relationships with colleagues. The people you hire are key factors in your organizations culture. If your employees are happy and showing it, it will have a great effect.

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