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Benefits of Conference Call

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Conferencing continues to show strong growth in minutes used around the world year after year because of the basic fundamental principle that it saves businesses untold time and money. Despite other ways to communicate and the latest inventions like video conferencing that are supposed to take its place, a conference call remains the easiest and cheapest way to communicate with a group. A few basic principles are driving this.

Eliminates Travel
– A remote meeting instead of an in person meeting means that participants don’t have to travel to the meeting. This saves all of the cost of the travel and the time involved in getting to and from the meeting.

More Convenient
– An audio conference is easier for everyone since it can be done from anywhere as long as you have a telephone you can get on a call. With an in person meeting you need to go through all of the logistics of getting to the meeting and with other technologies you might need another device like a PC in order to join the meeting. With a call a telephone is all you need.

– A conference call is something that most people have done and can do without any instruction. Everyone knows how to operate a telephone and join a call. Even for people who have not done a conference the learning curve is not too steep. With other ways of group communication you may need some instruction on how to join the call and another device like a PC in order to get on the meeting.

Less Money
– An audio conference continues to be the least expensive way to get a group of people together. The prices for a meeting from companies like Zip Conferencing have come down to where businesses of all sizes can afford to incorporate conferencing into their standard operating procedures.

Large Meetings
– You can even hold a meeting with a large group of people with operator assisted services from Zip Conferencing. Even if you need to meet with thousands of participants our operator service can take the worry out of the mechanics of holding such a large meeting. You will get a dedicated operator who will handle all aspects of your meeting from a pre-conference call with you to handling a Question and Answer session within the meeting. And you can customize the call with things such as a custom introduction.

You can have up to 300 participants on the call at one time. As the Host of your conference call meeting you are in control of all aspects of the call through access to Host Controls. In addition, you have access to your account online where you can add additional moderators and conferences.

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