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Keeping Concentration Levels High

Made hassle-free conference Meeteasy series conference phone

Conference phone call solution

3-Way conferencing
Bluetooth built-in for conference calls via cellphone
USB connectivity to PC for Web-conferencing
GSM wireless conference call for situations without telephone line

Hassle-free conference
Keeping concentration levels high

All Meeteasy conference phones adopt advanced noise and echo cancellation technology, automatic room acoustic profiling technology and unique full duplex conversation technology.

  • Echo Cancellation

  • Noise Reduction

  • Auto Gain

  • Full Duplex

Advance DSP technology provides clean and crisp audio communications

Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) significantly reduces background noises

No longer will people have to lean close to the microphone pickup or shout to be heard

Support audio play back and audio capture simultaneously.

360-degree room coverage, freedom of movement

A powerful fine-tuned speaker and three sensitive microphones provide uniform coverage from up to 3-meters away

360-degree room coverage, freedom of movement
Power Expandable features

Meeteasy conference phones provide multiple ports expandable features, i.e external microphones, sound console, integrated with video conference system.

  • Expandable Mic

  • Sound console

  • Video conferencing

  • Web conferencing


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