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Voice recording with Meeteasy conference phones

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If you’re planning an important telephone conversation, recording what’s said could prove very valuable. First it provides you with a reminder and, second, you have the necessary evidence to counter their claim if there are disputes. Moreover, meeting between two countries people, listening again the recording after teleconference could avoid language misunderstanding.

As for teleconference call, Meeteasy conference phones i.e. Mid series and HC series conference phones provide a 3.5mm audio port which supports audio voice recording function. Just simply plug your stand alone voice record into this 3.5mm audio port on the conference phone, your conference conversation will be recorded, and can be play back after the meeting.


It would be courteous to inform your contacts if you’re going to be recording them. Indeed, if the third party knows they’re being recorded, that fact alone might have a beneficial outcome.

Voice recording with Meeteasy conference phones

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