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Considerations for selecting a conference phone

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There are a lot of conference phones in the market, but not every items can fit you need, here below we summarise some considerations for selecting a conference phone. Please go through them and pick the one mostly suitable for your conference call situations.

  • • What type of telephone connection is available in the room? (Analogue, DECT, Digital, GSM, USB or VoIP)
  • • Need a conference phone for a large, medium or small conference room, or a private office?
  • • How many delegates will be participating in the conference? (Minimum – maximum delegates required)
  • • Are you looking for any specific features? (Switching between different connectivity technologies or other)
  • • Are you planning to integrate the conference phone with a video conferencing system?
  • • Are you looking for a wireless conference phone that can easily be moved around?

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