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Are we abandoned by conference phone resellers?

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Some users said: the reseller promised them everything perfect before they bought a conference phone, but when they got a product problem, the reseller gone. Are we abandoned by conference phone resellers?

It is reported that the premium brand in conference phone call industry- Meeteasy has already took the first lead in launching “4e service” to satisfy customers. What is Meeteasy “4e service”?

4e service

7-day free returns (Change)
From the date of purchase (the fill in official warranty card date is the beginning date) in 7 days (inclusive), if the conference phone (conference bridge) has non-human performance problems in the warranty regulations, you can choose to repair, replace or return the same model. If you choose to return, please bring the device and all accessories to the dealer location, we will return you all payment according to the purchase price.

15 days free replacement (Return)
Within 15 days of purchase (including, the same below), if the conference phone (conference bridge) failure of performance in line with the three guarantees, you can choose to repair or free replacement of the same model with the same specifications of the conference phone (conference bridge).

One-year warranty (guaranteed)
After the date of purchase within one year (to fill in the warranty card date), Meeteasy provide free charge repair for conference phone (conference bridge) comply with the provisions of the three guarantees, after repaired twice, still can’t normally use, users rely on the repair records in three bags of evidence, Meeteasy vendors has responsibility to replace the same model under free charge for conference phone (conference bridge).

Conference phone extended warranty (Extended warranty)
Since 2012.1.1, purchase Meeteasy conference phone products, free warranty period will be extended to three years. Users with official warranty card can enjoy this service.
None after-sales service goods is one of the most insecure goods. So, those companies who has complete and careful after-sale service can improve customers’ satisfaction and also won the market.

****4e Service is applicable in China market. Different service terms are applicable in different market, please consult to your dealer for more information****

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