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Teleconference System – Essential Equipment for Modern office

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Nowadays there are different type of companies, independent companies or separated from the parent company of the subsidiary. For the latter, they need to be in constant contact, if the subsidiary of the people were reported to Head office every day, it would be wasted a lot of manpower and financial resources, so at this moment we can installed professional conference call system in the subsidiaries and head offices, which help us to report to head office on time.

Conference system is very simple, convenient and fast to carry out the function of the meeting, without limitation of time and location,which allows you to decide where and how you want to meet. Here is case of conference call system as below:

1. User Requirement

  •  the establishment of the company in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu 3-way conference call system
  •  the system can be connected to the telecommunications line, the switch to achieve 3 points (Headquarters +2 branches) Switched telephone conference


2、System Constitutes Program According to the actual characteristics of your company, the program is to be used: the headquarters will be equipped with three-party interactive telephone conference system (hereinafter referred to as the conference bridge), 1 set of HHT-HQ-2, a conference call, model MIDEX; Use a conference phone, model MID; Chengdu participants can directly use the phone.
Company headquarters room connect to the two telecommunications lines directly or switch extension line connected to the bridge, the establishment of the main venue and sub-venue connection, the conference bridge to achieve three interactive telephone conference.
During the meeting, conference call can be used to enter the conference call (either directly into the conference or through password authentication), or by calling the conference room at the headquarters of the company to transfer it to the conference call.
End-to-end usage between headquarters and branch offices can be facilitated through the use of conference systems, conference phones, regular phones or mobile phones.

3. Network Picture Meeteasy teleconference system With the growing popularity of communication tools, so in the office to achieve a conference call has become very simple, because the need to carry out conference calls by means of fixed telephone or computer, mobile phone, then have the most basic equipment, and then add The corresponding transmission lines, conference call is more easier in the office.

Telephone conference system has become an essential product of the offices now, and its prospects for development is very good, will become the mainstream of the future of science and technology office.


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Teleconference System

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