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The Best Full Duplex Conference Speakerphone

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The MVOICE 3000-B is the best full duplex conference speakerphone. We based this conclusion on objective testing with speakerphone measurement equipment, subjective talking and listening tests conducted with multiple testers. In all, we compare more than 7 similar function models in the market, of those most famous brands, and tested the best of those, and the MVOICE 3000-B came out on top because it had better performance to conduct bi-directional conversation than any other model we tested by far. The MVOICE 3000-B even offers better noise cancelling. We heard each ends of the web-conferencing very clearly, real human voice, no distortion.

Simply put, no other portable conference speakerphone come close to MVOICE3000-B’s full duplex performance. The even more good thing is, it has Bluetooth built-in, you can either use USB connect to PC for web-conferencing or video conferencing, you can also pair it with your mobile phone, to do group conferencing with your mobile phone.

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A price of $219 for MVOICE 3000-B portable conference speakerphone is pretty steep. If you are a SOHO or small business, and will have web conferencing a lot, they’re definitely worth it. The good news is this item is on sale on Amazon, 30% discount offered, you can get it at $149 this moment, If you can’t stretch to $149 or do conferencing occasionally, and no need Bluetooth function, the MVOICE1000 is a great alternate. Subjectively, they offer about similar full duplex and noise cancellation performance, but currently only cost a little more than 35 percent of the price. Sound quality is still outstanding, compare to the devices with the same price range.

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