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Bluetooth Conference Phone for 3-way Conversations

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You may have the experience that you have to use cell phone to hold a small group meeting. Common conference calls are unable to achieve 3 ways conversation with the limitation of hardware. Meeteasy Bluetooth conference phone provide a better solution for business conference call, it can support 3 ways conversation.

1. Bluetooth Conference phone for 3 ways conference call bluethooth


  • (1)Turn on the Bluetooth Conference Phone and Press the Bluetooth Button
  • (2)Search Bluetooth signal via Cell phone and connected to the Meeteasy Bluetooth conference phone
  • (3) When the Bluetooth connection is established , dial out party (B) phone via conference phone
  • (4)Dial out the other party (C) phone

2. Bluetooth Conference phone for 4 ways conference call How to conduct a 4 ways conference call? Two Bluetooth conference phone equipments can solve this problem. 2


  • (1)Party A use cell phone connect to Bluetooth
  • (2) Party A use cell phone dial out party C phone
  • (3) Party A use Bluetooth conference phone dial out Party B Bluetooth conference phone
  • (4) Party B use cell phone connect to Bluetooth
  • (5) Party B use cell phone dial out Party D phone

Summary: Bluetooth conference phone is very convenient for conference call, Besides 3- way and 4-way conversations, Bluetooth conference phone also support PC network connection for web-conferencing, recording and other useful features.

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