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How to Make Sure Your Speakerphone to Work with Your PC

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Conferencing system’s stability is essential to a conference call. Just imagine all participants including your boss and you boss’s boss all sit before they PC and waiting to listen to you, but your speakerphone is mute and you are not able to talk, it is a disaster!

Your PC console has one, internal speaker. Sometimes the sound coming from an internal speaker is barely audible, so you may need external speakers that provide greater volume and more control of the volume. Meeteasy conference speakerphones are specially design for such usage, to replace the PC’s internal speaker and microphone to have business grade audio quality.

The easiest way to ensure that sound is coming from the speakers is to use the volume control in the notification area: Click the Volume Control icon. You should hear an audible “beep” (or another amusing tone) when you click the control.

Speakerphone volume adjustment

    Windows 7 and Windows Vista feature a more thorough way to demonstrate how the speakerphone are set up, including a stereo test. Follow these steps:
  • 1. Right-click the Volume icon in the notification area.
  • 2. From the pop-up menu, choose Playback Devices. The Sound dialog box appears, listing the gizmos on your PC that produce sound.
  • 3. Select a playback device, such as your “Meeteasy USB audio”
  • 4. Click the Configure button. The Speaker Setup dialog box appears.
  • 5. Click the Test button. You hear the sound coming from your USB speakerphone device.
  • 6. Close the various dialog boxes; you passed the test.
    When you don’t hear a sound, there’s a problem.
  • • You can, of course, use the volume control to set the USB speakerphone volume.
  • • To mute the speakerphone in Windows, click the Mute button in the volume control’s pop-up window. In Windows XP, place a check mark by the Mute option.
  • • Your PC’s sound hardware may have its own icon in the Control Panel, which you can use to test the audio system.

speakerphone audio setting

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