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How to Connect Cell Phone to a Teleconference

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Nowadays, many people like to use mobile join the teleconference. How to use mobile to hold a teleconference? It will be easier if you know about the condition requirements for a teleconference. Firstly, a teleconference platform and access devices are must. Teleconference platform means multiparty conference platform, you need to build the number of teleconference line as per the numbers would call in. Access device means conference call device, such as mobile、telephone、conference phone。

To connect cell phone to a teleconference, you need to use a teleconference platform to create a teleconference room before adding cell phone number, unified call out, then you can join the meeting, answer the phone or use the cell phone to call conference room account with password.


Though it is convenient to use cell phone during the conference, but conference phone has many advantages, saving teleconferencing cost, reduce the fatigue of meeting and external interference, can eliminate echo and noise, also has full-duplex、automatic gain and recording functions.



MVOICE 3000-B-full duplex bluetooth speakerphone

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