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The DSP is important role for Audio conferencing equipment

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As we all know: The good audio quality is basic criteria of a meeting : if without audio quality, the entire cooperation even will begin to become frustration and unproductive. So at this moment, the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) plays a critical role in the conference room can it can transfer the audio experience.


The entire audio inputs and outputs of a conferencing system is influenced by Digital Signal Processor, processing all the audio signals to deliver clear, intelligible, stable speech to meeting participants.


The important section of audio conference, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) takes may forms. Conference calls typically have integrated DSP chips that provide the necessary processing power and other technologies to ensure a comfortable audio quality experience. Larger collaboration environments usually equipped with a lot of professional working-along microphone and loundspeakers, and require a dedicated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) application.


This separate unit has the processing capacity needed for the a great number of audio inputs and outputs in the conference room and across the UC network. When the meeting participants connect via audio end points, typically a DSP’s first task is to perform acoustic echo cancellation. When you hear your own voice echo in the local speaker, someone else’s communication device has failed to echo-cancel your signal. As your voice is amplified on the far end , it’s getting picked up by the far-end microphones and played over your speaker,

AEC hardware and software compare the microphone’s signal to your own incoming voice being played out on the far end, and subtract it form that microphone’s signal before passing it on.

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