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Why is sound quality so important to audio conferencing?

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Audio quality is central to the UC experience. In a UC scenario, where audio is paired with other components such as video, it’s important to remember that audio is often the essential common denominator at most end-points. Without audio, collaboration can’t proceed. And with sub-par audio, collaboration is impeded.


With so many different ways of communicating today, people simply expect high quality audio. Compare the audio quality provided by early cell phones with the quality mobile phones deliver today in terms of clarity. This higher quality audio is what end users in a UC environment expect as well.


Meeteasy, as a conferencing audio endpoint supplier, has developed a series of USB/BT speakerphones, Connect to a video or web conferencing call as easily as you would with a traditional conference phones, simply plug the USB cable to your PC or conferencing system, making the call so easy.




Starting from budgeted to pro versions. MVOICE speakerphones provide entry models, mid-range and high-end models, to fit different budgets and conferencing audio requirements.please contact info@meeteasy.com.hk for more product information

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