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Challenges for UC administrators

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One of the biggest challenges UC administrators face is the lack of interoperability: no

single model exists for any-device-to-any-device via a common app. Each vendor offers a

different solution or proprietary platform (which can be server-based, on-premise, or cloud



International standards or common interfaces are not yet mandated. WebRTC (Web Real-

Time Communication), which supports browser-to-browser UC applications, may gain

some traction in the future. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), a communications protocol for

signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions, is being more widely used.

This lack of interoperability means that UC consumers will likely end up working with

multiple vendors for the various UC system components. It is important to consider the

following factors when selecting compatible/appropriate equipment:


  • Wired vs. wireless communications, devices and end-points
  • Durability, maintenance, recharging
  • Ease of use for self-sufficient huddle room users
  • Security, theft, loss damage
  • Form factor, desktop footprint
  • Bandwidth

Ultimately, the winning solutions will be those that take into account the end customers’

ease of use, in terms of implementation, maintenance and daily use.

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