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Best Conference Phones For Small Business

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When collaboration is in almost every business corners nowadays, it is extremely necessary to invest in a conference call system. Conference calls allow business to proceed easier between multiple different parties in difference locations. Conference calls are happening every minute in the world and suitable conference phone is the essential tool for a successful conference call

Key terms to choose a Great Conference Phone

Conference phones come in a wide variety of configurations and formats. A good conference phones manages to balance a handful of different characteristics to make it stand out from the crowd.  Here are some key terms we need to consider when choosing a conference phone:

  • Noise and Echo Cancellation

Probably one of the most important things that the best conference phone for office use should have is a means of limiting the background noise and voice echo. Background noise and echo can make it very hard to get a message. Repeating oneself is not the kind of thing you want to do on a conference call.

  • Interconnection

Interconnection with multiple other input and output devices is an integral part of creating a proper conference phone system that is able to be used by everyone at the meeting.

  • Conference Room Size

Another major concern for offices when they’re looking at buying an office phone for conference use is the type of room the meetings are likely to take place in. Room types affect acoustics and some phones are better suited to certain acoustic anomalies than others.


The Best Conference Phones for small office

One of the leaders in the world of conference phones is the Polycom Corporation and their systems are usually designed to give the users the most flexibility in their conference phones. Polycom Soundpoint systems are designed for small office usage and fit this niche perfectly allowing for easy communication in a limited environment.

For companies that are less inclined to pay excess money for installing a brand new phone system, the Meeteasy Mini2 installs directly over existing phone systems saving time and money in the installation process.

The Meeteasy Mini2 analogue conference phone provides an affordable conference call solution for small to medium conference situations. the Mini2 analogue conference phone is full duplex, allowing for simultaneous two-way conversations. Advanced Echo and noise cancellation give you unprecedented clarity of sound. Convenient USB connection to PC or laptop to make web conferencing via Skype or other softphone software provides more cost effective teleconference choices.


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