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Working With a Professional for Better Conference Room Acoustic

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With these considerations, you should be well equipped to continue your investigation into building your optimal conferencing environment. It is highly recommended that you work closely with a conferencing professional that can help you create an environment that meets your needs. Aprofessional can also help you determine goals and help you evaluate the success of your installation. With measurement, you’ll be certain you’re getting the most bang for the buck – and you’ll be clear on where improvements can be made.

Depending on your stage of development, working with a conferencing professional may also be a wise investment as you design your room configuration and plan your network design

Room Configuration

Whatever the overall design, it is most critical that your room design takes into consideration how people will interact in meetings. Table and seating areas should be planned with user comfort in mind in relation to the technological components. Is sufficient square footage per meeting participant being taken into account? Are all participants able to see one another comfortably? Is the placement of peripheral and multimedia tools effective in terms of access and good taste? In other words, can participants easily reach these devices, without the devices being made so obtrusive that they take over the meeting space? These are all choices you will need to make based on your user requirements.


What Meeteasy can help you

At Meeteasy, we pride ourselves on being a reliable resource for you. We’ve spent many years working closely with industry experts to identify and understand the most important factors in building exceptional audio conferencing environments. We work extremely hard to make sure our own products satisfy these needs and exceed expectations.

Meeteasy provides a complete line of audio conferencing products . We’ve designed our products to seamlessly work together to allow you to create the combinations that work best for you.

The Meeteasy legacy for conferencing perfection is built on more than a decade of relentless research, unfailing service and support, and keen attention to customer needs. Perfecting the technology behind the scenes is what we do, so you can focus on the business at hand. With any of Meeteasy’s conferencing solutions you can be sure that above all else, the science will be extraordinary and the service will be outstanding.

We are always available to answer any questions you might have about any of our products or services. Send us an e-mail at info@meeteasy.com.hk

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