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Room Acoustics and Intelligibility in conferencing system

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Room ambience and acoustics have a profound effect on intelligibility. This sound can reflect around the room, arriving at the ear as a series of repetitions, each slightly delayed after the direct sound. This condition can alter the combined audio signal so that it is more difficult for the human brain to understand, thus reducing intelligibility.


reflected sound


Each room has an acoustic signature. The size, shape, furnishings, and physical materials combine to define how sound behaves within the space. The more reflective surfaces in the room, the more “lively,” or reverberant, it sounds. The larger the room is, the longer the acoustic pathways are, creating more delay and thus, more opportunities for intelligibility issues. Rooms with a lot of absorptive materials, such as carpeted floors and upholstered furniture, help minimize reflected sound, which aids in preserving intelligibility. Since it is generally impractical to make architectural changes to a meeting or conference room, the deployment of the sound system – especially the positioning of the microphones and loudspeakers – is a critical component in maximizing intelligibility while avoiding feedback.


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