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How to improve your conference call ?

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Audio conference call was influenced by many environment issue, including background noise, echo or other poor voice quality. when you think of the issues associated with their setting up and smooth running, you soon realize that participating in one or holding one is quite challenging. While organizing a conference call, there are a number of issues you have to include in your planning, so as to avoid problems that can make it a failure.

  1. Background Noise

This is any noise that comes from a participant apart from their voice, like chairs rattling, people chatting behind them, machinery noises, paper noises etc. You get these noises mostly with participants who use VoIP, because the traditional phone handset has dedicated and short-range microphones, whereas VoIP works with a device-borne microphone that is more sensible. An example is the microphone array system you have most of the latest laptop computers. Some people participate in conferences using their devices hands-free.

The only way to remedy this situation is to make the participants aware of the disturbance they are causing, which is best done through communication before the conference call. For example, as the organizer, you may want to circulate an email on the etiquettes for a conference call prior to the session.

  1. Echo

Echo may be part of background noise, but it is more technical than that.

Someone participating in the conference call may have conditions with their phone or may be using a phone that lacks echo cancellation. Read more on how to stop producing echo.

Someone with echo is normally asked to hang up. So again, proper awareness on some technical issues with the phones and other equipment used in a conference call is important beforehand.


3 Poor Voice Quality

For some situation,  the voice of someone using a phone service that offers poor call quality, which is dependent on a certain number of factors, including bandwidthcodecs used, phones and other devices used. There is unfortunately nothing much you can do about this if you are the conference leader or organizer. The participant suffering from poor voice quality needs to get things improved on their side.

4 Proactively ask for input on the line

Even if you’re covering the part of the agenda that’s relevant to particular participants, you can expect that they’ll tune out if they’re not engaged. Keep people on their toes and listening by periodically singling them out for commentary.

You might catch people off guard the first time you do this, but when they realize they could be called on at any time, they’ll learn to quit multi-tasking and will start paying careful attention to what’s going on. As much as you can, keep your conference calls to an open discussion format. Everyone will get more out of them!

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