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Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakerphones 2017

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Don’t expect your smart phone or tablet to give you any decent sound quality. Fortunately, Bluetooth speakerphones do have great sound quality. Listen to music, talk hand-free or create a conference room wherever you are. They are portable and versatile. And, being Bluetooth, you don’t need a WiFi network to make them work. Here you will find the top 5 best Bluetooth speakerphones 2017 review.




This is an analog phone that also comes with Bluetooth connectivity. It is particularly useful for small meeting spaces and offices. It is perfect for conferences. You can use your Bluetooth enabled smart phone to stream conversations, so that all participants can hear. Also, this Bluetooth speakerphone also comes with a DNR function, or a Dynamic Noise Reduction function, that ensures a clear conversation.


MOVICE 3000-B Conference speakerphone


Though Meeteasy is a new brand, Meeteasy MVOICE 3000-B is a excellent new product which works flawlessly both for your softphone and for your Bluetooth-enabled smart phone. This phone features an impeccable sound quality coupled with a truly elegant design. You can easily stream your conversations with just a push of a button. Moreover, the speakerphone can also be used for streaming your favorite songs or other multimedia files. You’ll enjoy a crystal clear clarity with the MVOICE 3000-B




The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker has dual high performance 6W drivers to give you full bodied stereo. It’s compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices. It will connect to your smartphone up to 66 feet away, with auto-connect to the last device. It has a spiral bass port to give a great sound in a small, easy to carry size. Choose from black, blue and red.

It comes with a micro USB charging cable to give you up to 24 hours battery live. Anker claims 10 million users and warranties this SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker for 18 months.



Just as the name implies, the Spracht Aura SOHO Bluetooth Speakerphone is a conference phone. It features a Bluetooth connectivity system for truly clear and crisp sound. It comes with a wall adapter, a built-in phone and two extra microphones.   You can also activate the noise reduction feature in an instant for clear and natural two-way communications. You can expand the functionality of the speakerphone by adding optional modules or digital compatibility.

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