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Guangzhou Mayor Hot-line System

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Project Background:

Guangzhou mayor hot-line has been put into use for over 10 years, it is am important communication channel between government and the citizens. Since the calls increased rapidly, many citizens complained it is very hard to call in.



There are a lot of calls in at the same time, to shorten the waiting time, need to add the hot-lines from 16 lines to 40 lines, and high quality hands free function and clear microphone are needed. On the other hand, to answer or settle the problem feedback from citizens, need to do cross department communications, so multi-party interactive telecommunications needed. Since the mayor hotline is the window to citizens, it is requires the hot-line system to be high quality, stable and durable


Meeteasy’s Solution:

1x 8-party Meeteasy Multi-access teleconference system, for interactive multiparty callings between different government offices.

1x Mid2 conference phone, as the mayor’s phone, to provide high quality hands free and sound pick up performance

1x Mid2 HC conference + MT838 gooseneck microphone +sound console to ensure good audio in and out.


Meeteasy has won the bid for Guangzhou mayor hot-line since 2010, and provided continues system upgrade and maintenance till now

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