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Shenzhen Development Bank – Multi Parties Simultaneous Interpreting System

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Project Introduction

SDB (Shenzhen Development Bank)’s meetings are participated by both Chinese and American personnel. In order to improve conference efficiency and productivity, SDB decided to apply simultaneous interpreting during the conference, and choose BOSCH simultaneous interpreting system.


Considering of inconvenience for both parties coming to Shenzhen for meeting, SDB decided to adopt conference phone system for meetings. Therefore, building a set of conference phone system is necessary. It achieves the function of multi parties communication and perfectly interface with simultaneous interpreting system. When both Chinese and English speech happens from Shenzhen central office or other Chinese and American participants outside, it requires the simultaneous interpreting works well. When English is delivered, Chinese party listen the transliteration from the spokesman and American party listen original audio. When Chinese is delivered, American party listen the transliteration from the spokesman and Chinese party listen original audio. The transliteration and original speaking should not be interfered each other. In Shenzhen central office, the original audio outputs from high power speaker. The transliteration outputs from represents’ earphone mics.

Less than 5 parties for Chinese attendants and over than 5 parties for American attendants. But the total is within 10 parties.

Excellent interactive telephone conference speech and simultaneous interpreting effects are expected, to improve the productivity, greatly reduce unnecessary travel cost and conference cost.

Another important meaning for building the system is the calling mode could be freely selected by Shenzhen main center organizer compared with using telephone conference system from operators. It achieves the function Shenzhen main center calls American party and Chinese party. Also it achieves the function American party and Chinese party calls Shenzhen main center.


Meeteasy Project Solution Provide

SDB (Shenzhen Development Bank) meetings system includes (27 parties teleconference system PLUS + customized switch + 1 set conference room system) (updated to 27 parties from original 17 parties)


Project Features

  1. Full Duplex performance

The whole system adopts innovative technology to guarantee full duplex communications among meetings. There’s no audio collisions and breaking.

  1. Echo Reduction

The effect is fully guaranteed based on the excellent echo reduction technology. It totally      cancels the singing phenomenon between microphones and the speaker.


  1. Audio translation switch is flexible and easy to operate

By adopting simple audio switch button, it’s easy to synchronous Chinese to English and     English to Chinese through simultaneous interpreting system.


  1. Flexible of selecting languages for attendants from the main center

The main center high power speaker outputs the immediate original audio and the represents’ earphone mic. outputs transliteration from translators. Attendants could select the languages based on their requirements.

Conference Phone, conference system

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