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Portable Speakerphone – Good Choice for Business Trip or Home Office Conference Call

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You and your colleagues are out of town for a business trip, and you suddenly need to make a conference call with a client in Germany or other foreign countries. In this scenario, you’d normally use your phone’s speaker. However, with this set-up, the messages don’t always get through clearly because phones are not really engineered for conference calls.

Enter the handy MVOICE 1000-B. This portable device is a personal Bluetooth and USB speakerphone for wireless and hands-free conference calls. Round Shaped .MVOICE 1000-B’s speaker delivers clear audio while the microphone captures voice perfectly even from a person that’s three meters away from the device.

MVOICE 1000 speakerphone video conference

You can take MVOICE 1000-B to a board meeting that is attended by about 3-5 participants.  After easily pairing smartphone with the device, you are able to quickly establish a conference call. The room was instantly turned into a conference room. You can discuss business issues as if you are physically in the room with us. Everyone could hear you clearly and they can hear you perfectly, thanks to wideband audio support, built-in 3 microphones that allows for a 360-degree coverage, and advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. 

The MVOICE 1000-B isn’t just for conference calls though. You can listen to music stored in your smartphone as long as the devices are paired. For enclosed places like a hotel room, the MVOICE 1000-B makes a decent music speaker.

To pair the MVOICE 1000-B with a smartphone, turn on the MVOICE 1000-B and activate the phone’s Bluetooth signal. Select MVOICE 1000-B from the list of available Bluetooth device.

The MVOICE 1000-B is a good buy if you’re constantly on the road and you regularly need to establish a conference call anywhere, anytime.

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