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Bring Exceptional Audio to Your Conference Room or Boardroom

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Nowadays, more and more organizations are using software based conferencing solutions (softphones) such as Skype, Zoom, Vidyo and others. Because investing on a hardware conferencing platform cost a lot and it requirement maintainance, which is also expensive. By using audio or video softphones, the cost savings and scalability of using software over a network far exceed what you can achieve with a hardware conferencing platform.

MVOICE bluetooth USB conference speakerphone

Not matter you are using a hardware conferencing platform or software based conferencing solutions, delivering a high-quality audio and visual experience still depends on the right end point devices — speakerphones, microphones, and speakers. Audio is far more important than video, as most of the messages are conveyed by oral language rather than the facial or body gesture. Picking a good speakerphone to work with you hardware or software based conferencing platform is crucial for a success conference room setting.

When picking a right speakerphone in a conference room, we need to consider some environment details i.e, the conference room size, is it a small, medium or large, or board room? How many participants regularly use the conference room? Is the room open and noisy, or has a lot echo?

Meeteasy MVOICE speakerphone series, equipped with excellent echo and noisy cancellation and full duplex performance, provide full range products for different conference room situations.

MVOICE 1000 series    for small room up to 3-5 people meeting

MVOICE 3000 series    for small-medium room up to 5-8 people meeting

MVOICE 5000 series    for small-medium room up to 5-10 people meeting

MVOICE 8000 series    for large or board room up to 15-25 people meeting

Important company communications can happen at any time   ̶  in any room. Keep the conversations flowing with Meetesy’s MVOICE speakerphone series giving you the freedom, flexibility and versatility of being in an upscale executive boardroom to a medium-sized conference room.


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