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Simple Factors Driving Conferencing Market Ahead

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There’s no doubt that conferencing is offering a great new potential for businesses of just about all sizes in just about all fields.  With the variety of benefits that conferencing brings to businesses, it’s not surprising that that’s the case. A new report from Future Market Insights offers further insight into the conferencing field, and with it, gives us some potential new paths to track the future.


One of the biggest points involved in the future of conferencing is the need to record and archive the material generated by these conferences. Naturally, there are some considerable legal hurdles set around the notion of audio recording—particularly between two remote locations—and so businesses need to fully understand the implications of call recording and similar audio recording law. As these often differ from state to state—there’s even a federal call recording law to bear in mind—it may be worthwhile to consult an attorney for the fullest implications.

That’s an important point to note, but far from the only one; the report goes on to point out key factors driving the market forward. An increasing demand for real-time call monitoring and security functions are among these key factors, as well as the growth of analytics and big data processes. These tools are well-known for their ability to help businesses derive actionable insights based on patterns existing within the enterprise’s everyday operations.

The problem is that analytics and big data operations need fodder from which to derive these insights, and audio recordings are a great way to gather that fodder, especially when used with conferencing systems. Thus using conferencing systems, and recording these to gather data, mean that businesses have a new source of data to tap to improve overall operations through analytics.

There are many other factors driving the conferencing market, of course; cost savings are easily among the biggest such factors. Businesses are increasingly approving of the notion that face time can be had with valuable customers or suppliers without the need for costly business travel. Plus, conferencing systems can easily become the communications backbone on which a mobile workforce is built, providing new cost savings in the process.

That’s just the start of the value that conferencing can produce, and with these points in mind, it’s easy to see why this field has so much upward mobility potential. While it won’t be a perfect run up—there are plenty of challenges facing this market as well—there’s still a clear upward momentum in play here.

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