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Logitech, FreeConferenceCall Step Up Conferencing Partnership

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Collaboration is a big part of operations these days, and making collaboration as smooth and functional as possible is thus a high priority. Conferencing systems can contribute to smoother collaboration in a big way, and thus partnerships like that of Logitech and FreeConferenceCall are so worthwhile. Recently, FreeConferenceCall announced that its partnership with Logitech was about to be stepped up further, bringing more value to its users.


The conferencing partnership will now boast a new level of integration, geared toward reducing the costs and difficulty around setting up conferencing systems, particularly those geared for whole-room setups. With the new integration in place, those using certain ConferenceCam systems from Logitech will be able to control these devices on an in-app basis. 

Plus, users will be able to choose either FreeConferenceCall.com or the StartMeeting conferencing app directly out of the UC Workspace Quicklaunch catalog. Reports suggest that the Logitech ConferenceCam Connect and Logitech BCC950 will be able to connect with FreeConferenceCall and StartMeeting to offer online meeting hosting. These measures combined will help streamline the process as the most frequently-used apps can be added directly to a user’s start menu, helping to shave a few seconds off the overall setup process.

FreeConferenceCall.com’s chief technology officer, Eugene Tcipnjatov, commented, “FreeConferenceCall.com embraces innovation and is pleased to partner with Logitech to respond to the market’s demand for a simpler way to conference. Working with Logitech to integrate with its high-quality cameras improves the experience of all customers and helps them have better, more productive meetings.”

With the growing importance of conferencing weighing heavily on minds throughout all manner of organizations—recent reports from Mitel suggested that businesses stood to save $11,000 per employee per year on average by improving conferencing and communications’ efficiency—the value of this technology has never been quite so clear. When even just improving it can represent major cost savings on lost productivity, it proves that there’s a lot of new productivity to be had by putting it to use. Even small changes can represent big savings, particularly when these are averaged across a large organization. Something as simple as a few seconds off at the start menu adds up to hours saved over even just a year.

By improving its proposition in the market, FreeConferenceCall and Logitech are demonstrating to users just why this is a force to be reckoned with in the field. Product improvements generally mean good news for companies, particularly those in a deeply competitive market like conferencing.

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