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West’s Unified Communications Services Launches Conferencing Solution

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West’s Unified Communications Services will be rolling out a new solution aimed specifically at conferencing that leverages Dolby Voice for greater audio clarity than ever before. The solution, InterCall Reservationless-Plus, is now the world’s largest network devoted strictly to conferencing, and West’s partnership with Dolby Voice will mean that it will be one of the highest quality platforms as well.


InterCall Reservationless-Plus uses VoIP technology to facilitate remote meetings and conference calls. Users can access meetings through either a desktop or mobile application on any device that has an Internet connection. The platform also integrates a number of other features that have already been introduced by West, like InterCall Unified Meeting® 5 and InterCall MobileMeet®, as well as partner solutions such as Cisco WebEx® when used with InterCall Reservationless-Plus audio, all with the highest quality audio from Dolby.

“By connecting the power of Dolby Voice with our global conferencing-dedicated network, West continues to deliver on its promise to provide the best possible conferencing experience,” said Rob Bellmar, executive vice president of business operations for West’s Unified Communications Services segment. “Diminished quality is not only a top productivity killer, but it’s also one of the main hurdles to VoIP adoption. Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice ensures end users benefit from the simplicity of VoIP conferencing and best-in-class sound quality.”

The integration of Dolby Voice into this Web conferencing service is part of an increasing effort on the part of unified communications providers to make online meetings feel more authentic. Using Web conferencing to replace traditional, in person meetings can be extremely effective in terms of saving time and money. However, those savings are only worth it if the virtual meetings can be comparable in productivity to traditional meetings. With this in mind, unified communications providers are working to make their meetings as close to being in the room with people as possible. The use of Dolby Voice by West is a good example of a company helping to make its client meeting experience as authentic as possible.

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