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Audio and video conference

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Audio and web conferencing helps bridge the gap between you and your business partners, colleagues and clients, here and overseas. Efficient and far-reaching communications are important in our globalised world where dispersed workforces are the norm. An effective communications system helps to increase productivity, ensure timely decision-making and boosts workforce skills through e-learning or webinars. Audio and Web Conferencing helps you bridge the gap between you and your stakeholders here and overseas. This facilitates the management of large-scale and confidential communications, such as investor relation calls, corporate announcements or analysts’ briefings.

Perception is a reality in today’s business environment and you need to do whatever you can to project the right image. Questionable service or poor audio quality can most certainly have a negative impact on your business. When your reputation is on the line, don’t leave your next audio conference up to chance. Get easy access to your conference call service anytime, anywhere in the world. No reservations required. Whether you have a weekly recurring meeting or you’re organizing an on-the-fly call, connect instantly with audio conferencing solutions and enjoy 99.9% reliability on every call with our top quality technology.


Video conferencing restores many visual cues that are necessary in long-distance communication. Non-verbal communication constitutes about two-thirds of communication between people. For instance, eye contact enables us to understand the meaning of a message from a speaker that voice communication alone may not completely convey, thus creating essential social bonds and shared understandings. With audio conferencing, these non-verbal cues do not exist.


Audio conference calls are gradually losing ground in the workforce as more people become familiar with video conferencing. VARs that can demonstrate the benefits video conferencing brings will help clients become more profitable and be able to more clearly communicate with employees. This, in turn, provides a stream of ongoing revenue to the reseller, along with opportunities for professional services and maintenance contracts.


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