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Excellent conferencing can produce revenue and reduce cost

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The reality today is that most people communicate in groups as part of their jobs, and

those groups often consist of people in different geographic locations. The effectiveness of

your communication interfaces can directly impact the productivity of these groups, which

can drive revenue and profit.


Intuitive interfaces are an important part of an excellent conference experience. Your UC

solution should be easy to use and not take up extra time to set up. As they say, “time is

money.” According to eWeek, “Late start times were cited as a key reason that meetings are perceived to fail to deliver value and are costing executives nearly three hours a week.”

(eWeek 8/11/2014 P8-8 1p).


Other benefits internal to the organization include significantly reducing the costs of travel

and training; increasing interaction using existing, common technologies (PCs, mobile)

without having to invest in dedicated setups; improving collaboration across geographies

and cultures; and increasing accuracy and reducing errors.


From a sales standpoint, better UC can improve customer support and serve to increase

sales with more customer interaction.


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