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Steps to Choosing An AEC

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the best AEC solution for the application is determined based on the following four step selection process.

  • Find AEC products with the features and form factor needed for the application. There may be several acceptable form factors. Even if one seems particularly suited to the application, consider all of them for a broad selection of price and performance.
  • Eliminate products that dont meet G.167 or the tail length requirements of the application. Although these two factors are necessary, they are not sufficient. However, if an AEC solution does not meet these requirements, it will most likely not sound very good at all, so don’t waste time arranging listening tests. If it does meet these requirements, further testing and evaluation should be done to ensure that it is appropriate for the application. When possible, find out the testing environment as well as the results of the G.167 testing.
  • Judge audio quality and state machine performance by comparative listening. A panel of several people should listen to the different solutions (preferably the same people, under similar conditions, during a short time span). They should listen for the common problems echo cancellers may have, as well as overall quality.

Choose the best solution. Weigh the performance, price, and convenience of each solution, and choose the one that will work best in the application.

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