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MVOICE 3000-B review

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The MVOICE 3000-B is something we don’t see very often: a conference-call speaker. It isn’t of the size you’ve probably come across at work, though; it’s a small compact size designed to offer much better speaker calls than your phone.

It’s ready to be plugged into a PC or Mac, too, designed to hold Skype-style calls from your computer. Don’t expect it to act as a mini hi-fi for your laptop or phone, though. It will have a go, although it doesn’t come close to having the power or sound quality of the best wireless speakers at the price.

The MSRP is not cheap, some promotions offer a fair deal for those looking for an omnidirectional hands-free unit, whose focus is to make voices clear in less-than-perfect conditions. However, it doesn’t have wider appeal outside of this niche.

MOVICE 3000-B application


When microphones are built into so many portable speakers these days, you may question the point of the MVOICE 3000-B Well, it’s designed to cope much better with less-than-ideal mic situations, such as a noisy office.

It does this using multiple microphones and smart software – and it works very well.

To test its abilities, I recorded the output from the MVOICE 3000-B in a variety of conditions. I walked around it and into different rooms, recording in environments with and without ambient noise.

MOVICE 3000-B illuminated

Its approach to noise reduction is interesting, too. Rather than using an aggressive noise gate to automatically kill all low-level noise, it looks to identify the main sound elements it needs to promote, and ensures they’re much louder and clearer than lower-level sound.

This avoids that odd sense of talking to someone in a total vacuum, which is often the result of more invasive noise reduction systems. The MVOICE 3000-B does have its limits, though.

When there’s a noise bed, you’re slightly limited in how far away you can be from the unit before it starts to label your voice as part of the background noise. It’s far better than a “dumb” mic setup, though. As long as your voice is louder than whatever else the MVOICE 3000-B can hear, your voice will come across clear.

It’s on the other side of the exchange where the MVOICE 3000-B is only adequate. It has a fairly small driver, one designed to make speech clear, sensibly enough.

While louder than a phone speaker and the drivers of most Windows laptops (MacBooks have rather good speakers), the MVOICE 3000-B doesn’t offer the sound quality or volume you’d be looking for from a unit to take on your travels to use in the hotel room. There are far better, cheaper options available for such scenarios, such as the Pure Voca and Jam Heavy Metal.

This is a speakerphone, not a speaker. In that capacity it offers good battery life, promising 8 hours’ use following a single charge – although the battery is needed only when using a phone, since the MVOICE 3000-B is powered over USB.


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