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Web Meetings with amazing sound

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Meetings via the Web are becoming increasingly common. However although they are fast to arrange and convenient it’s always important to consider a meeting’s quality and effectiveness. Here we present some tips on how to conduct a great meeting via the Web.

Like any other meeting a Web meeting should be taken seriously. This means there should be an agenda that everyone is aware of and easy-to-use technical equipment. A Web meeting’s biggest advantage is that participants can see each other and share various documents, creating a sense of group participation. If these factors are not necessary we’d recommend you conduct a standard distance meeting via a conference telephone, which is easier and faster.

A hub for all your devices

There are several good software solutions that can facilitate Web meetings. Skype, Scopia, and Vidyo are a few examples. The new Meeteasy MVOICE speakerphone series is an obvious choice for its optimal sound quality and ability to easily connect to computers, tablets, smart phones . The MVOICE 8000 series will become the hub for all your connections and a guarantee for great sound. Even MVOICE 1000/3000/5000 are perfect choices for Web meetings.

Documents are important

It’s important to prepare properly for a web meeting. Documents should be concise with summarised information for every picture shown. It’s good to practice showing and switching between pages and images so that meetings flow better. A simple rule is to close all other windows on the screen and only work with one source in full-screen mode. Remember that you can also use film, for example via YouTube, although you should try and avoid meetings becoming a long technological “show-off”. All information should be relevant and contribute something to the meeting.

Gather participants

If a longer piece of text is the main topic of discussion it can be a good idea to mail the document to participants in advance so that they can read through it in their own time before the meeting. Try and gather participants in the same place rather than have them sitting alone in separate rooms – this leads to better sound and less chance of people interrupting each other in conversation. In addition meetings tend to be more productive if more people can meet in the same room.
Conducting a distance meeting instead of travelling to locations can save a considerable amount of money. There’s also the social advantage of avoiding long journeys for participants to consider too. These are just two reasons why it is increasingly common to have distance and Web meetings.


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