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MVOICE is a good choice and great sound speakerphone with affordable price

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Today I would like to share with you guys a good speakerphone from Meeteasy, model number MVOICE 1000-B, small size with powerful function, I believe you will like it. It has an unusual design, being rounded at the front, this creates a nice solid platform, and the rubberized covering helps it stay where it’s put. A grille extends all the way across the front and around the ends and the three very distinct volume up and down and Bluetooth buttons on the top are all you need to play it.


There’s a small power button on the bottom of the back of the MVOICE 1000-B; that’s something I repeatedly forgot about at first because it’s very small and blends into the case so well. The back of the MVOICE 1000-B also has an Aux and power port. It’s charged via Micro USB and a single charge will last four about five hours of music. That’s not as much as some competitors in the market, but what’s interesting is that the battery may not last as long, but the MVOICE 1000-B sounds better and is cheaper, so it’s a very good trade-off.

The speaker has three microphones which can be controlled separately. I think this MVOICE 1000-B is the perfect speaker system for a trailer or boat while camping. It’s not quite as bass as I like, but I like a deep bass so that’s not unusual, but the mid levels and highs are clear and to me sound well-balanced. There’s definitely stereo separation, which I find amazing in such a small package.

There are various Bluetooth speakers in the market catering to smartphones and tablets. Most of these do a good job of playing back music, acting as speakerphones and mic as well as carrying a charge for various hours. The MVOICE 1000-B is ideal for any user but specifically useful for those that want multi-functional speakers for any type of situation.



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