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New product release : MVOICE3000-W wireless speakerphone released

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In April of 2017,Meeteasy releases a new USB 2.0 speakerphone built for online meetings that makes the headache of “pairing Bluetooth devices” a part of history.


The MVOICE3000-W is a full duplex wireless USB conference phone that uses a wireless USB 2.0 receiver over a discreet 2.4 GHz connection instead of traditional Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is notoriously low quality and difficult for end users to “pair” to their computer. A high quality USB 2.0 audio conference phone with wireless is a staple for deploying successful video conference rooms without draping cables over the floor.

The MVOICE3000-W allows for a higher quality audio conferencing experience when compared to traditional Bluetooth. It a milestone for Meeteasy for finding a way to make wireless technology affordable and accessable in small business and personal conference device market

This new product are in mass production and will be released very soon in end user market in June of 2017

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