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New wireless speakerphone for high quality conference call

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The MVOICE3000-W is a wireless video conferencing black speaker designed to eliminate the hassle and mess of traditional table microphones, now you can easily and affordable add audio to your conferencing.  The speakerphone uses a 2.4GHz frequency with an easy to connect USB 2.0 interface, it is not Bluetooth so there are no difficult pairing connectivity issues. The unit also features an audio output so it can be plugged into your room audio if needed. The MVOICE3000-W produces a loud clear sound that will cover a crowd of 1 to 10 users. The microphone will pick up sound from 15′ to 20′ away and features mute microphone, mute speaker, volume buttons, and power button.  LED indicator lights let you know what microphone exactly has been muted, when the unit is on, and when the unit needs to be charged. 

The speakerphone is full duplex with echo and noise cancellation, as well as with auto level control.  The speakerphone is compatible with all the major video conferencing software clients or any UAC compatible software.  The rechargeable battery has a talk time of 7 to 8 hours and is easily charged via the USB port.

Installation is so easy, simply plug the receiver into your computer and select it as the microphone in your favorite video conferencing client. The MVOICE3000-W is an affordable solution to add a wireless microphone and speaker to your conference room.

USB cable is also supplied, Just plug connect the MVOICE3000-W with USB cable to your conference system or PC, you can enjoy stable and high quality audio conference  immediately.


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