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2016 How We Use the “Business Conference Phone”

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According to the latest definition of “business conference phone” is a kind of audio conferencing product which can be used for three or more than three parties real-time, interactive conversation, it is also defined with characteristics of “business, advanced, necessity”. Designed for business communication tool for business people in the business environment, its performance is beyond the previous conference calls phones, it is a necessity for business people.

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The core element for business conference phone is clear enough for well comprehension of the conversation. When people can not hear clearly each other’s conversations, our brains are very good at filling in missing or vague wording, but more on the analysis the talking content, the lower the efficiency of the conversation, the possibility of errors is more likely in the conversation Therefore, as clearly as possible to is crucial for a business phone.

There are five elements to achieve the desired effective lucid business call conversations:

  • √ Bandwidth (Bandwidth)
  • √ Echo (Reverberation
  • √ Amplitude (Amplitude)
  • √ interactive (Interaction)
  • √ the noise level (Noise)

The main responsibility of a conference system is to automatically control and balance these five elements, so that both conference call ends can get the best possible listening experience.

A new generation of business conference phones is launching to the market, continuous improvements were made based on the old conference phone technologies. There are 4 trends in the market:

  • √ Close unnecessary sound pickup microphones
  • √ The microphone pointing talker
  • √ Interactive
  • √ Powerful Internet capabilities.

There are many types of business conference phones products, including hands-free phones, analogue conference phones, or IP conference phones etc, we have see its great utility in the past 15 year. Now different products are in the market for difference business conversation requirement, as manufacturer of conference phones, the key to success is to understand the characteristics of the environment, and adapt its product for different conference situation and delivery the interactive conference call as clear as possible.

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