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A telephone sell at US dollars $539? Meeteasy Mid2-B

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A regular phone is around ten to less than one hundred dollars, and you have plenty choices of different models. What a phone can actually be sold for $539? Please follow this article to uncover the mystery!


This article is not talking about an ordinary telephone for two men’s remote conversation, but a telephone can achieve multi-party conference call in business grade.

Meeteasy mid2-B conference phone’s target is to resolve the problem of a dozen people talking over the phone with the manager or another team in another location, to discuss and listen freely.

The overall appearance of Mid2-B seems like ordinary telephone set (it can be used as ordinary desktop phone when there is no conference call), it is total different in function aspect. Three microphones provide 360 degree sound pick up, loudspeaker up to 89dB, no pressure for handling a meeting call with 15-25 people.

As to its audio quality, Mid2-B just like its family models, built-in with echo cancellation to eliminates the noise and echo, and auto gain control can automatically enlarge the voice to make clear sound pick up for the far end.

Mid2-B is a Bluetooth conference phone, you can connect your cell phone with it, to realize hands-free for a conference call. No need to hold you cell phone for hours talking. It also has a USB port and 3.5mm audio port. You can connect to PC with either of it for web conferencing and video conferencing.

When using 3.5 mm audio port to connect PC, and connect cell phone via Bluetooth, and at the same time call from analog line, we can realize multi-party call through different networks.

Company leaders travel a lot between different airplanes all day and all branches, like a “fireman” to settle of kinds of problems and expend a lot travel and meeting fee. Meeteasy Mid2-B conference phone can save travel time and cost, boost work efficiency, how would you not to love it?

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