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How to Hold a Conference Call?

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It’s very easy to hold a conference meeting, but how to make rational use of resources and make it to be cost-effective, we should learn some skills, and know better that under which circumstances shall we use mobile, fixed-line telephone or conference phone.

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1. The meeting place is conference room v.s. hold a conference call during personal travel. Generally speaking, in a conference room we better choose conference phone, personal travel can use mobile to join the conference meeting.

2. Purchase Meeteasy conference phone according to different conference room’ condition, every conference room has one conference phone. Here need to pay attention to the conference room size and choose one conference phone adjust to the conference room.

3. Call Telecon meeting platform center service call number 10000, Unicom can call 10010 to inquire for conference meeting platform number. You just need according to the numbers of your conference rooms to make sure how many sides will join the conference. With the join up number, conference room account number will be joined the conference to hold a conference call.

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