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Speakerphone for personal office or business video conference

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As we begin to rely on our mobile devices for more and more of our business needs,  we need a “portable speakerphone” in office which would allow us to make quality speakerphone calls. Sure, the built-in speaker and mic are top notch on Apple products for their size, but we often have a hard time hearing what was on the other end of the line. Whether you need to make conference calls or simply want the convenience of hands-free calling, you need a great speakerphone in your home office. 

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Speakerphone can work exactly how you’d expect. Once enabled either by Bluetooth or USB on a computer, they become the default speaker and mic. Sound quality is excellent. The mics are where these devices set themselves apart from standard phone/tablet/computer hardware. When making conference calls you often want to adjust the volume or mute the call so you can talk smack about the person on the other end of the call. Both units have these buttons along with the call/hangup functionality for phones on Bluetooth. 


Also speakerphone is very important to integrate with video conference system as professional audio output device. You can use Meeteasy speakerphone for the video conference system, or use any other USB one. Participants can listen and talk simultaneously. Noise reduction and echo cancellation have been applied in this device.


Meeteasy MVOICE series speakerphone features separate microphone and speaker units that smoothly integrate audio and video for natural, comfortable remote communication. The high performance, full range speaker unit can be placed close to the display so that audio and video from the remote location blend naturally. Fast, easy connection to PCs , smart-phones, tablets and dedicated conferencing systems. Connect to the MVOICE 1000 via USB, Bluetooth*1 of a conferencing system for high quality audio in your conferences and meetings. This range of connection options allows you to quickly adapt to a variety of communications environments, as well as situations where conferencing might otherwise be difficult due to the lack of a landline, or internet connectivity issues.

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