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How to Choose a Meeteasy Conference Phone

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How to choose a conference phone for conference call? 

We can choose conference phone via 2 aspects: demand section、proposal section


Demand section

We can choose suitable conference phone equipment based on requirement of your company specific situation. For example: the size of the meeting room, the number of participants for each point, the number of meetings to determine the number

  • The size of the meeting room: In order to saving cost, we need to choose different model of conference phone based on the size of meeting room.
  • The number of participants for each point:We can choose different conference phone terminal equipment based on participants of each point. For example: When a point as a point, usually we choose a cell phone to access directly. When a meeting room has more participants, we can choose a conference phone for actually situation.
  • How many points of meeting? We can choose suitable conference phone equipment or Multi-party call based on the meeting squares.

conference call

Conference call proposal section

Usually we can choose small-size conference phone for small meeting room to save cost. In contrast, we can choose large-size conference phone.

Meeteasy conference phone for you reference:




20㎡/8-10 People


30㎡/12-15 People


25㎡/10-12 People


40㎡/15-18 People

Mid EX/Mid EX-B

50㎡/18-25 People

Mid2 EX/Mid2 EX-B

60㎡/25-30 People


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