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How to choose a conference phone in the wise way?

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Conference call is important role in the business activity. So when you plan to purchase a conference phone need to take a number of factors into consideration. And we need to know additional features are required for making conference calls. It is also necessary to consider the size of the space where the conference calls will be held.


Here is some good suggestion for how to choose conference phone as below:


Conference phones have become more advanced over the years. The system generally offers the traditional features of a phone, and there are a number of other optional features. Some of these features include switching off unwanted pickup, interaction, directional microphones, and versatile interconnection abilities.

  1. Normal Phone Features

Conference phones typically have features found in traditional phones including mute, redial, transfer, and hold. These are fairly standard features, so it is important to make sure that the conference phone has at least these features.

  1. Gain Management

Switching off unwanted pickup is also known as gain management and means that the conference phone will eliminate any sound from microphones that are not in use. This will continue adapting throughout the meeting. Gain management improves the quality of the audio, making speech much clearer to the listeners.

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  1. Directional Microphones

Directional microphones are those that actually get rid of most of the noise and echo that comes from the room. Although these microphones tend to be more expensive, they also cut down on excess noise. Omni microphones do not provide this function.

  1. Full- Duplex Technology

 It helps make interaction as natural as possible by allowing individuals to speak at the same time without cutting anyone off. This can be tested by turning the volume all the way up and having people at both ends talk at the same time. They should both be heard clearly.



There are many options in the whole market, so it will be become a challenge for you to choose what kind of conference phone to purchase. Most of the conference phones have basic features. An important consideration when choosing a conference phone is size of the room and how many participants are involved in the call.

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