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Bluetooth Speakerphone for Audio/Video conferencing solutions

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We see Bluetooth headsets all the time, but Portable Bluetooth Conference Phone is something new. It’s essentially a speakerphone device that uses wireless technology. But the neat part about it is that it’s so compact.

This is perfect for conducting professional audio/ video conference calls. Extremely easy to set up and use. It also has an impressively long-lasting talking time of 4 hours.


Step into the audio/video conferencing world and you’ll be really surprised to see the dramatic change in the technology. Try using web conferencing together with a webcam/speakerphone to make your seminar calling more appealing than using the regular online conferencing services.


Now you won’t have to travel abroad and across the nations every now and then to meet with your customers. You can conduct your organization meetings through the web conferencing service anytime anywhere. Just equip your computer or laptop with a webcam/speakerphone to create a “just like being there” experience. In case you too would like to possess the video conferencing service, then contact the conference call suppliers to instruct them.

For audio/video conferencing solutions, MVOICE 1000-B is suitable choice.

It is designed to provide conferencing for mobile UC business professionals. A built-in cable system connects directly to PC and mobile phone or tablet. MVOICE 1000-B sound quality and voice clarity provide better interaction. Features include dual talk function, echo cancelling, music setting and a protective carrying pouch.

Bluetooth Speakerphone

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