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Let Conference speakerphone be your good business partner

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Do you often have conference calls where the people on the other end can’t hear you clearly? Or perhaps you can’t hear them very well?                

Well, the hot-selling conference speakerphone is designed to improve the communication experience on conference calls and Skype chats.



For example, let’s see the MVOICE 1000-B of Meeteasy brand, it is a portable Bluetooth speakerphone designed for the mobile professional. This wireless accessory is designed to make it easier for users to have conference calls on the go – that includes whether they are in the board room, or in a hotel room.


The goal of the MVOICE 1000-B is to provide users with outstanding audio quality, for a clearer sounding and more natural sounding call. Paring the MVOICE Speak via bluetooth is easy. We tried pairing it with our mobile phone for hands-free calls, turn your mobile phone as a conference phone. It can also connecting it to our PC for Skype calls via USB.



Skype and similar VoIP apps have become a common way to communicate in the business world, and fortunately, the MVOICE 1000-B is optimized for Skype and VoIP. To that effect, we found using it to be a much superior solution to just using the built-in mic on our laptop. With the MVOICE 1000-B we could walk around hotel room and have clear conversations with others. Otherwise, we would ordinarily have to be in close proximity to our laptop’s mic. Overall, as a hands-free / speakerphone device for our phone and VoIP apps, the 1000-B offers a much louder and less straining conversation


Thanks to advanced DSP technology and the built-in unique 3 microphone design can provides 360 degree audio reception, everyone sitting around the speakerphone can hear and be heard clearly. And it is suit different conference situation. For group meeting, all the microphone open can make proper audio reception of all participants, and voice pick up is loud and even. For personal meeting, speak close to the microphone and use only one microphone pointed to the talker can receive the voice more clearly.

So it is good business partner for conference call. MVOICE 1000-B is supposed to be about taking audio conferencing to a new level.


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