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MVOICE3000 – Boardroom Conference Quality outside the Boardroom

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The MVOICE3000 is a high quality speakerphone for the voice over IP user community. The MVOICE3000 speakerphone enhances the Instant Messaging and web conferencing experience by delivering crystal clear communication and a natural voice interface.


The MVOICE3000 generates clear communication through proprietary Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression, and equalizer algorithms embedded within the product. The MVOICE3000 provides 360˚ room coverage so more than one person can participate in an online conference, Headset-Free and Handset-Free. Loudspeaker output (always a problem with laptops) is sufficient for larger offices and even medium sized conference rooms.


An available USB port is all that’s required to power the speakerphone. The MVOICE3000 enhances the user experience with many PC applications: VOIP, softphone, webconferencing, distance learning, instant messaging, sound recording, etc.


Small, Lightweight and effective. The MVOICE3000 has redefined the standard in speakerphones at the desktop and revolutionized audio performance for laptops.


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