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Using Right Speakerphone to Drive Effective Web-conferencing

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There is a clear shift in how employees use the telephone and computer today,

compared with only a few years ago. Thanks to soft phones and UC clients, more

people are placing calls via their PC; thanks to Web and video conferencing, more

people are collaborating in real time on their computers. Both changes save money,

boost productivity and deliver significant management efficiencies. But they also

require changes in the tools and devices enterprises give their end users.


It is impossible to expect employees working in a crowded office or series of cubicles

to speak on the “phone” using only their PC’s embedded mike and speakers—the din

in the room would be unbearable. Furthermore, embedded PC microphones and speakers do

not deliver the level of quality that most people need and expect while on the phone.

At the same time, as employees leverage Web, audio and video conferencing to

collaborate inside and outside the organization, they are spending hours at a time on

conference calls. These users need speakerphones that allow them to multitask

even as they participate in virtual meetings and events.


Meeteasy MVOICE 1000-B works flawlessly both for your softphone and for your Bluetooth-enabled smart phone. This phone features an impeccable sound quality coupled with a truly elegant design. You can easily stream your conversations with just a push of a button. Moreover, the speakerphone can also be used for streaming your favorite songs or other multimedia files. You’ll enjoy a crystal clear clarity with the MVOICE 1000-B.

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