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Web Conferencing at Work

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Web conferencing can be used in many different ways to save time and money, improve communications and boost productivity. Here are some examples of ways you might put web conferencing to work for your business:

Uses of web conferencing by business function


Give Presentations

You can deliver the same presentations over the Internet with web conferencing that you would in person. Whether it’s generating leads with sales presentations, nurturing those leads with case studies or technical presentations, or delivering financial results and forecasts to investors, your audience will see the presentation slides on their computers as you go through them on yours.


Conduct Meetings

Web conferencing is ideal for recurring status or department meetings, especially when the participants are scattered across different work locations. Examples include project development status meetings and sales report meetings. Web conferencing features allow you to grant temporary control of a meeting to another participant to present slides and information on his or her desktop.


Hold On-line Events

With the ability to support hundreds, even thousands of participants, web conferencing is ideal for holding large, online events or seminars. Examples include reaching your entire customer base with new product announcements, establishing thought leadership through technical and expert seminars and conducting large-scale marketing events.


Deliver Training

Web conferencing is ideally suited for delivering training, both internally (HR and management training) and externally (customer and distributor training). The ability for you to share your desktop, annotate your presentation and conduct Q&A sessions with web conferencing make the training sessions productive and interactive. A major benefit of web conference training is that the training sessions can be recorded for later use. It’s also much easier for most people to attend web conference training, so the potential audience is larger.


Give Demos

Web conferencing tools allow you to share your desktop with your audience. This makes it possible to give demos, because you can run other applications on you computer and your audience will see them. For example, you can demonstrate the key features of a Computer-Aided Design application to prospective customers, or the new features of a CRM system to existing customers.



The real-time desktop-sharing features of web conferencing allow you to meet and work collaboratively over the Internet. Work teams can review design specs, go over contracts, critique building plans, develop engineering solutions, create presentations and even address customer support issues, all in real-time as if they were meeting in person.


Deal With The Unexpected

Not all meetings can be planned. Sometimes things happen that you need to handle immediately with the help of others. You can hold a web conference at any time, at a moment’s notice and share the information you need to respond to a crisis or take advantage of an unexpected opportunity.


Collect Sales and Marketing Data

The event management features provided with web conferencing products allow you to collect a variety of information from potential participants through the registration process and follow-up communications. You can customize on-line registration forms and create postevent surveys to meet your information requirements, for example.


Record Meetings

Both the audio and video portions of a web conference can be recorded, archived and replayed later. This is handy for those who miss a meeting or want to refer back to it. Seminars or demos can be recorded and distributed as marketing collateral. Training sessions can be recorded and viewed when it’s convenient, as many times as needed.


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