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CafeX Partners with Voxbone for Better Conferencing

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Last year, CafeX launched its video conferencing solution, CafeX Chime, at Enterprise Connect 2016. Since then, the solution has won awards for its ability to make enterprise collaboration simpler and less expensive—which are popular attributes for any solution to have. It appears as though CafeX is going to make a habit out of making big announcements at Enterprise Connect, as this year it said it’s partnering with Voxbone in order to further improve CafeX Chime.


The purpose of CafeX Chime is to make video conferencing accessible and easy to use for everyone, whether the user is on the Web or a mobile device. Users can easily join online meetings at the click of a button, without having to download or install a single thing, and users can use whatever browser they choose. This flexibility alone was enough to make the solution a fast hit among office and remote workers alike. However, by partnering with Voxbone, that flexibility is going to become even better.

Voxbone is going to bring simple and affordable PTSN conferencing capabilities from all over the world to the solution. So even if users are on the road with no connection, or simply have poor connectivity all around, that will no longer stop them from joining in on video conferences. With Voxbone, users can call into Chime meetings using its global voice network.

Thanks to this new software integration between Chime and VoxConf, a part of Vonxbone’s Workshop program designed to extend and enhance existing conferencing solutions, Voxbone is able to give users access to local dial-in numbers in more than 60 countries. According to the announcement, “The combined solution allows globally distributed teams to connect, chat, present and share screens more easily, whether it’s from work, home or public networks, as Chime securely traverses firewalls and is compatible with popular conferencing systems.”

Both companies are excited about the possibilities this new partnership can bring, with Kris Hopkins, Chief Product Officer at CafeX, saying, “CafeX is excited to work with Voxbone to broaden Chime’s global reach. With Voxbone and CafeX, customers now have a one-click PSTN conferencing solution to complement Chime’s secure one-click collaboration in browsers and mobiles…Our global enterprise customers know that frictionless collaboration is a necessity. Voxbone and CafeX are making that happen in Chime and on justchimein.com.”

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