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New Conferencing Tools in the Workplace

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Quick and effective communication is essential for driving forward the businesses or projects. Through the years, people have developed different communication tools in the workplace to enhance communication in the office. In the previous decades, fax,brochures, reports,teleconference and email were the tools in the workplace for most companies. Thanks to the quick development of internet based technology,more sophisticated communication tools like the web conferencing, video conferencing and unified communications is introduced and used in recent years.

The transformation from scattered messages to integrated platforms is well underway throughout the business world. Web conferencing enables quick and low cost communication with multiple parties, video conferencing provides live images. Unified Communications simplifies your business by consolidating voice, data, audio and video into one platform. Unified Communications also allows for greater, easier and more powerful interactions between employees, customers and partners, while improving the overall efficiency and responsiveness of each organization. Whether it’s audio and video conferencing or data exchange, your team will benefit from real-time collaboration through higher productivity and greater ease-of-use.

Conference phone

Meeteasy, as a leading audio conferencing equipment expert, has developed various audio conference speakerphone as the endpoint to web conferencing, video conferencing and unified communications. No matter the employee in office, conference room, or work at home, on-the go, they can join audio or video conferencing anytime and anywhere with Meeteasy conference speakerphones. Just plug and talk, to enjoy clear, clean, efficient audio communications.

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Conference Phone

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