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Full-duplex application in Meeteasy conference phone

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You may be heard that “full-duplex” in many conference phone advertisement. So what is full-duplex conference function? Full-duplex, brief significance is communication allows data transmission in both directions simultaneously, the biggest difference with half-duplex is whether can be transmitted and received at the same time, that’s why intercom belongs to half-duplex and can’t do it at the same time.

Meeteast full duplex conference phone

The biggest advantage for the application of full-duplex conference phone is, during the conference call, it can achieve more than one person or two people speaking the same time, achieve the same frequency at the same time to receive signal. Won’t miss any details of the meeting, will response in time if in conversation. Meeting time can fully be controlled for higher efficiency.

Meeteasy conference call phones are typical application of “full-duplex”. Meeteasy conference call solution uses full-duplex communication technology, digital interference suppression to eliminate self-interference, with powerful anti-interference ability, do not has whistle during conference call, clear voice and no noise. Power of data simultaneous transmission is also very strong to make sure the perfect effect of conference call.

Meeteasy has adopted high-quality audio signal processing and advanced line signal recognition technology, microprocessor automatically control to provide customer with perfect full-duplex telephone conference call solutions.

Conference Phone, full duplex

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