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High Audio Quality in Demand for Corporate Conference Rooms

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Today, corporate enterprises are increasingly geographically dispersed, it is essential to business success to have the ability to communicate clearly and accurately with other parts of the organization, or outside the organizations. Corporate enterprises are investing a lot in setting up high audio quality conferencing systems. Each environment and application—from simple voice amplification to sophisticated PC audio or anything in between—demands a solution tailored to address its unique requirements. Meeteasy offers corporate enterprises a growing range of flexible solutions that combine crystal-clear audio quality with wireless technology, so users are free to make full use of their environment, while eliminating the clutter and confusion of cables. Because all Meeteasy products provide multiple interfaces, they can be used efficiently across the organization with difference conferencing requirement.

Meeteasy products cover USB conference phone, BT conference phone, GSM conference phone, conference bridges, USB/BT conference speakerphone for pc and mobile phone conferences.

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