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How Old is Too Old? Update Your Conference Phone System Timely

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Just one day, we were discussing some options on conference phones with a client, and he said he was afraid to even look at or breathe near their old conference phone for fear that it would give up and die. 


Are you holding your breath and tip toeing around your legacy conference phone system? Crossed fingers is never a solid strategic plan for your Business communication systems.

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How old is too old for a business conference phone system?

One of our customers said “My personal opinion? Too old is when it no longer works for what you need it.”

As a general statement, we’d like to say that this is solid advice. Never buy new technology simply for technology’s sake. Don’t just chase the shiny object.

On the other hand, how do you know what features you need if you’ve never experienced what these new phone system features could do for your business? For example, your customer service might be good now, but new features and capabilities from a new phone system could take your customer service to the next level! 

Another, seemingly less fortunate, person shared this tragic story:”We had an eight year old conference phone. It’s had some minor problem, we got it fixed for several times. That day is a board conference with our offices all over the country, but it died. We called the technician to fix, but we miss the conference time, our bosses were all angry.We finally went with Skype call, but the PC audio endpoint was bad. Always keep your conference phone system in good condition. and if we had your MVOICE speakerphone, we would had good conference call even the old conference system went down”

 It’s worth pointing out that this was an 8 year old . Not 15-20 years old like we’ve seen in some environments.ENGHT.

So, sure. Your phone system isn’t THAT old, so you could wait for an upgrade but ask yourself this :Do you really want to wait for disaster to be able to justify the cost of a new conference phone system? The cost of the day of downtime described in the story above is far greater, in hard costs and soft costs, than the cost of the phone system itself. 


Meeteasy aims to provide update conference phones and conference system technology with affordable price, stable performance and reliable service!!

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